RELEASE NOTES - Nov 29 2019 
FEATURE: Nightmare game mode
FEATURE: Main menu
FEATURE: New game menu 
FEATURE: Added 6 new spells
FEATURE: Added 5 new enemies
UPDATE: Large aesthetical updates to a secret area
UPDATE: Summon Deer Decoy is now properly named as Summon Deercoy
UPDATE: Nerfed Sokaisunmestari's blinding spell
UPDATE: Polymorph flying has been updated 
UPDATE: Optimization - replay recorder - up to 6x faster gif saving
UPDATE: Optimization - got rid of some script performance bottlenecks
UPDATE: Added a new starting loadout
UPDATE: Autosave is now on - it's a bit buggy, but it should be better than losing your progress
UPDATE: Lukki mutation perk now has a different control scheme
UPDATE: Scrollable GUI elements can be scrolled using mouse wheel
BUGFIX: Crash - sometimes when enemies shot eggs
BUGFIX: Crash - kicking crashed the game when playing old savegame (or old mods)
BUGFIX: Crash - fixed memory leak with material trails
BUGFIX: Crash - replay editor crashed if used at the very first frame of the game
BUGFIX: Crash - game crashed at start on some older CPUs
BUGFIX: Certain enemies could be damaged via unintended means
BUGFIX: There were duplicate items in progress menu
BUGFIX: Glitch wand has been fixed
BUGFIX: Perks - if you had both Extra Life and Saving Grace neither of them respawned you
BUGFIX: [redacted] affects vision like it used to do
BUGFIX: Sokaisunmestari's blinding spell had ridiculous knockback
BUGFIX: Final boss' health was reset to 100% if game was restarted during the battle
BUGFIX: Final boss stopped working if player polymorphed
BUGFIX: Final boss could take damage when inactive
BUGFIX: Infinite rats when combining Plaque rats and polymorph
BUGFIX: Aiming was wrong while polymoprhed
BUGFIX: Rock spell's damage wasn't based on the rock's velocity
BUGFIX: Physics damage was sometimes dealt multiple frames after it seemed to occur
BUGFIX: Melee immunity didn't protect from tentacle attacks
BUGFIX: Player's horizontal flight speed was randomized
BUGFIX: Jäähdytyslaite should no longer self-destruct in certain circumstances
BUGFIX: Healers etc didn't behave exactly as intended
MODDING: Added a new tag 'projectile_player' for all default player projectiles
MODDING: Lua - added dofile_once(filename). Use this if possible. Like dofile(), but runs the script only once per lua context.
MODDING: Lua - dofile() and loadfile() return values follow lua conventions (breaking change)
MODDING: Lua - dofile() caches the compiled code, so successive calls using the same file are (a lot) faster