´╗┐HOTFIXES - Mar 20 2020

BUGFIX: Scrolling UIs broke if playing fullscreen on a monitor with aspect ratio wider than 16:9
BUGFIX: Some haunting files were saved if mods were enabled
BUGFIX: Fixed some issues with loading haunting files saved when mods were enabled
BUGFIX: Autosave was broken in nightmare game mode
BUGFIX: Crash - projectile timer trigger crashed when used with bombs, which some mods allowed
BUGFIX: Tentacle shot from trigger projectile didn't start from correct coordinates
BUGFIX: Tentacles shot near 0,0 always shot towards 0,0
BUGFIX: Enemy laser sights were sometimes left visible longer than they should
BUGFIX: Enemy tentacles, turrets, jetpack particles etc weren't affect by invisibility status
BUGFIX: Invisible enemies didn't become visible when doing dash/melee attacks
BUGFIX: Backbuffer size wasn't updated if changing resolution before entering game
BUGFIX: Autosave restore didn't work correctly when workshop mods were enabled
BUGFIX: Enemy radar did not detect bosses or Lukkis
BUGFIX: Alchemist kept on throwing the same potion if it stood still
BUGFIX: Improved stability of ceiling chain torches

MODDING: Breaking - moved collapse masks under "data/procedural_gfx"
MODDING: Lua - added RaytraceSurfaces()
MODDING: Lua - added RaytraceSurfacesAndLiquiform()
MODDING: Lua - added RaytracePlatforms()