HOTFIXES - Oct 19 2020

FEATURE: New biome modifiers: gravity fields, flooded and fungus
FEATURE: New enemy: Sätkymestari
FEATURE: New perk: High gravity

UPDATE: Updated the starting potions
UPDATE: Miniboss music
UPDATE: Made certain spell worthier of its name
UPDATE: Offline Daily Run - if the online isn't working or if you wanted the old daily run back, just turn off online features
UPDATE: Menu Yes/No boxes - hitting ESCAPE counts as No
UPDATE: On opening Noita the mouse cursor is no longer moved inside the window at start
UPDATE: Streaming - Removed Health Minus and Max Health Minus events

BUGFIX: Parts of biome modifiers could be applied to biomes in which they were blocked
BUGFIX: Fixed a way to farm endless extra HP
BUGFIX: Made Trigger/Timer/Death trigger spells work with modifiers
BUGFIX: Fixed a case where high-level spells could spawn in odd spots
BUGFIX: Options - switching monitors should now display the resolution correctly
BUGFIX: Made increased gravity from "Faster levitation" perk not stack to prevent unfortunate effects
BUGFIX: Update available box sometimes appeared in the Steam build

BUGFIX/MODDING: CreateXFrameParticle() - allows now for creation of 1 frame sprite
BUGFIX/MODDING: scatter_position.lua - error spam is reduced

MODDING: Exposed streaming events types