´╗┐HOTFIXES - Oct 22 2020

FEATURE: Steam Cloud on/off option
UPDATE: More coherent plasma beam destruction
UPDATE: Melting/vaporization reactions occur only on material surface, other tweaks - makes a secret ritual easier
UPDATE: Small text edits
BUGFIX: Fixed an issue causing save game bloat. Should make future steam cloud syncs faster.
BUGFIX: Fixed minor issues in some translations
BUGFIX: Plasma beams were blocked by fire
BUGFIX: World seed and build are displayed always when starting a new game
BUGFIX: A rare crash with Pixel Sprites has been fixed
BUGFIX: World generation may have created impassable world in Mines
BUGFIX: Displaying certain ingame text or switching to some languages caused a crash because a translation file was corrupted
BUGFIX/MODDING: WormComponent doesn't crash anymore, if there are different number of sprites and hitboxes
MODDING: Fixed an incorrect parameter name in documentation
MODDING: Lua - EntityAddComponent2 supports _enabled boolean