RELEASE NOTES - Oct 29 2020

FEATURE: A new (WIP) challenge awaits you
FEATURE: New perk: Exploding gold
FEATURE: New perk: Faster projectiles
FEATURE: New perk: Remove worm and lukki digging
FEATURE: New perk: Extra wand slots
FEATURE: New perk: Teleportitis Dodge
FEATURE: New perk: High mana, low capacity
FEATURE: New perk: Homunculus
FEATURE: New spell: Quantum Split
FEATURE: New spell: Chain spell
FEATURE: New spell: Wand refresh
FEATURE: New spell: Mu
FEATURE: New spell: Larpa explosion
FEATURE: New spell: Larpa bounce
FEATURE: New enemy: Haavoittajamestari
FEATURE: New enemy: Sätkymestari
FEATURE: New item: Kammi
FEATURE: New stream event: Summon Random Homunculus
FEATURE: New stream event: Spawn perk
FEATURE: New stream event: Give Perks To Enemies
FEATURE: New stream event: Extreme Spread
FEATURE: New stream event: Matter Eater
FEATURE: New stream event: Excess Gas
FEATURE: New stream event: Summon Shielding Ghost
FEATURE: New stream event: Personal Invisibility
FEATURE: New stream event: Invisible Enemies
FEATURE: New stream event: Neutralized Spells
UPDATE: Updated to FMOD 2.0 audio engine
UPDATE: Added more variation to some spells sounds
UPDATE: Improved audio mix when using loud or high cast rate wands
UPDATE: Made unstable crystal destroy ground better
UPDATE: Made some end-level spells more expensive
UPDATE: Familiars spawned from eggs area bit more useful (maybe)
UPDATE: Certain rare wands hold more spells
UPDATE: The Hiisi have a new weakness
UPDATE: New Game+ boss is bit more difficult
UPDATE: "Install streaming integration mods" links to the category page on Steam Workshop
UPDATE: Remove Worm Digging also affects lukki digging
UPDATE: Ancient Laboratory has a new danger for you
UPDATE: Removed raincloud from the starting wand pool, added unstable crystal to replace it
UPDATE: Made several previously non-stackable perks stackable
UPDATE: Made spells that deal with recursion be able to stack up to a point
UPDATE: Changed "Extra wand slots" to "Extra wand capacity"
UPDATE: Made Destruction's downside a bit less severe
BUGFIX: Fixed certain spells not seemingly duplicating properly
BUGFIX: Hopefully fixed issues with certain new spells and their interactions with infite-cast spells
BUGFIX: Friendsip is now friendship, as it should be
BUGFIX: Made certain overworld areas not overly dark during daytime
BUGFIX: Fixed an item not updating its description
BUGFIX: Desert water evaporated too fast
BUGFIX: Lava appeared out of nowhere in some places
BUGFIX: Several spells ignored limited uses of other spells
BUGFIX: Certain sprites had the wrong info on them
BUGFIX: Destroying lanterns and some other objects counted towards 'Enemies slain'
BUGFIX: A tank enemy had wrong laser sight color
BUGFIX: Fixed a cause of audio stuttering when using high cast rate wands
BUGFIX: Summon portal spell worked anywhere
BUGFIX: Fixed typo in Chain spell spawn level
BUGFIX: Fixed certain spells not seemingly duplicating properly
BUGFIX/Modding: Fixed very large biome areas not working