UPDATE: Rooms holding secret items now look a bit prettier
UPDATE: Explosive Box & Large Explosive Box should now work with more modifiers
UPDATE: Explosive box spells are walk-through again
UPDATE: Summon Rock works with more modifiers
UPDATE: Achievement localizations on Steam and GOG
UPDATE: Buffed a couple enemies slightly

BUGFIX: A miniboss no longer shoots tentacles from [ehm] the wrong place
BUGFIX: Fixed Summon Rock disappearing at the slightest damage
BUGFIX: Fixed certain player spells
BUGFIX: Fixed a broken item room graphic
BUGFIX: Unclickable slot in mod save slot select menu could be mouse focused
BUGFIX: Continue game tooltip was a bit broken
UPDATE: Exploding Gold stacks; the damage increases per stack
UPDATE: Plague Rats stacks, stacking any rat-themed perks increases the amount of rats as well as their HP and damage
UPDATE: Stacking fungal-themed perks increases the amount of mushrooms spawned by Cordyceps
UPDATE: Mournful Spirit can be stacked; stacks increase damage and amount of ghosts per killed enemy

FEATURE: 100% Finnished localization (Options, Language)

MODDING: Mod save slot support - via game_mode_supports_save_slots="1" in mod.xml.

MODDING: Lua API documentation - added a "t" to a word that was missing a "t"
FEATURE: New Steam and GOG Achievements!
FEATURE: [REDACTED] might affect your reality!
UPDATE: Nightmare Mode gives you the Tinker With Wands Everywhere perk by default
UPDATE: There's a new type of gold nugget for the extremely greedy
UPDATE: Slightly reduced speed variation of Heikko limanuljaska's projectiles
UPDATE: Certain artifacts could be lost forever due to being killed while polymorphed
UPDATE: Small text adjustments
UPDATE: Combined the Weaken and Wither status effects into one
UPDATE: Shuffled spell unlock pools a bit, hopefully for the last time
UPDATE: Starting perks in Nightmare Mode no longer disappear after picking up just one
UPDATE: If you're polymorphed into a sheep, minions created by perks should no longer attack you 
UPDATE: Perk reroll machine no longer stops working if there are still perks to pick up
UPDATE: Perks that do not stack should no longer appear ever again when rerolling
UPDATE: Certain stackable perks appear less often when rerolling
UPDATE: Perks that can only stack a specific number of times should no longer appear after meeting the limit
UPDATE: Stacking multiple Permanent Shield perks works better
UPDATE: Effects that increase/decrease spell damage can't wrap from negative to positive and vice versa
UPDATE: Player Ghost is back
UPDATE: Reduced electric trap box damage
UPDATE: Polymorphine and Chaotic Polymorphine need more than 1 pixel to take effect
UPDATE: Stronger Hearts can stack
UPDATE: Adjusted Always Cast perk spell pool
UPDATE: Underground Jungle's trees should no longer suddenly start blocking projectiles
UPDATE: Tweaked Underground Jungle statue visuals
UPDATE: Added a particle effect for Projectile Repulsion Field
UPDATE: Perk reroll machine's cost is centered! Isn't that beautiful?
UPDATE: Essence to Power counts player summon -like spells
UPDATE: Hiisi Base lamps give weaker electric jolts
UPDATE: Retired multicast spells from the always cast spell pool due to certain bugs
UPDATE: Added new spells to the always cast lineup
UPDATE: Alt + Enter toggles between fullscreen and windowed mode
UPDATE: F2 screenshot key is rebindable
UPDATE: Audio - droplets from barrel explosions, potions etc create the appropriate sound when splashing against surfaces


UPDATE: SHIFT+CLICK works for auto move
UPDATE: Auto move supports moving spells to the selected wand
UPDATE: Extremely large numbers are displayed with numeric abbreviations
UPDATE: Wand selection hot keys (1,2,3,4) work in wand pick up UI
UPDATE: No damage numbers from lanterns
UPDATE: The teleportation and blindness statuses have an HUD element
UPDATE: There's a UI hint to enter New Game+

FEATURE: A new guiding alchemy reaction
UPDATE: The nests in Coal Pits are no longer flammable
UPDATE: Frog meat is tastier than ever!
UPDATE: Brass is no longer walk-through
UPDATE: Sima stains give Wet status
UPDATE: Fire emits occasional cosmetic spark particles
UPDATE: Teleportatium & polymorphine are less likely to affect you with just a couple pixels of them
UPDATE: Testing a slight material change to make certain biomes less laggy

FEATURE: New spell: Glue Shot
FEATURE: New spell: Iceball
FEATURE: New spell: Summon Explosive Box
FEATURE: New spell: Summon Large Explosive Box
FEATURE: New spell: Rainbow Trail
FEATURE: New spell: Short-range Homing
FEATURE: New spell: Remove Bounce
FEATURE: New spell: Venomous Curse
FEATURE: New spell: Slow But Steady
FEATURE: New spell: Mana To Damage
FEATURE: New spell: Projectile Area Teleport
FEATURE: New spell: Black Hole with Death Trigger
FEATURE: New spell: Withering Curse - Projectiles
FEATURE: New spell: Withering Curse - Explosives
FEATURE: New spell: Withering Curse - Electricity
FEATURE: New spell: Withering Curse - Melee
FEATURE: New spell: Gold Magic
FEATURE: New spell: Tau
FEATURE: New spell: Sigma
FEATURE: New spell: Petrify
FEATURE: New spell: Expanding Sphere
FEATURE: New spell: Powder Vacuum Field
FEATURE: New spell: Liquid Vacuum Field
FEATURE: New spell: Vacuum Field
FEATURE: New spell: Remove Explosion
FEATURE: New spell: Liquid to Explosion
FEATURE: New spell: Concentrated Explosion
FEATURE: New spell: Plasma Cutter
FEATURE: New spell: Plasma Beam Enhancer
FEATURE: New spell: Plasma Beam
FEATURE: New spell: Plasma Beam Cross
FEATURE: New spell: Plasma Beam Bounce
FEATURE: New spell: Plasma Beam Thrower
FEATURE: New spell: Aimed Arc
FEATURE: A selection of 8 whimsical spells
FEATURE: A selection of 6 absurd spells
FEATURE: 5 funny modifier spells
FEATURE: Some new secret spells
UPDATE: Add Trigger, Add Timer & Add Death Trigger are of type 'other' instead of 'modifier'
UPDATE: Summon rock and other spells that summon physical objects benefit from modifiers like homing
UPDATE: Slight adjustments to the mana costs and other details of several spells
UPDATE: Tiny Ghost may cast stronger spells depending on how much damage you have suffered
UPDATE: Removed mana cost from Tiny Ghost
UPDATE: Dormant crystal detonation has been reworked and renamed to Explosive Detonator
UPDATE: The Duplicate spell is no longer a modifier to avoid some recursion-related crashes

FEATURE: Two new minibosses
FEATURE: New enemy: Kyrmyniska
FEATURE: New enemy: Tarkkailija
FEATURE: New enemy: Huhtasieni
FEATURE: New Enemy: Pysäyttäjä
FEATURE: New Enemy: Vakoilija
FEATURE: New Enemy: Teloittaja
FEATURE: New enemy: Liimahiisi
FEATURE: New enemy: Tuonelankone
FEATURE: New enemy: Marraskone
FEATURE: New enemy: Pienkätyri
FEATURE: New enemy: Elvytyskristalli
FEATURE: New enemy: Suur-Ukko
FEATURE: A couple other new enemies
UPDATE: Boss' minions don't drop gold anymore
UPDATE: Enemies holding wands looks less buggy
UPDATE: Hiisi's weakness should work everywhere
UPDATE: Made a miniboss drop some spells to make all optional bosses behave similarly
UPDATE: Polished and clarified Toimari minion spawning
UPDATE: Minibosses should drop the same loot every time when using the same seed
UPDATE: Moved miniboss spell unlocks around a bit

FEATURE: New perk: Lukki Minion
FEATURE: New perk: Gas Blood
FEATURE: New perk: Summon Sädekivi
FEATURE: New perk: Cordyceps
FEATURE: New perk: Fungal Disease
FEATURE: New perk: Gamble
FEATURE: New perk: Fungal Colony
FEATURE: New perk: Rage-fueled Levitation
FEATURE: New perk: Eat Your Vegetables
FEATURE: New perk: Mournful Spirit
FEATURE: New perk: Risky Living
FEATURE: New perk: Hungry Ghost
FEATURE: New Perk: Healthy Exploration
FEATURE: New perk: Contact Damage
FEATURE: New secret perk
UPDATE: Some new perks marked as one-off
UPDATE: Several particle-heavy perks no longer add extra particles when stacked
UPDATE: Removed redundant entity spawns from some perks
UPDATE: Lukki and Leggy Mutation buffed with ability to climb along walls
UPDATE: Exploding Corpses grants explosion immunity
UPDATE: Buffed Enemy Radar perk
UPDATE: Attract Gold gains additional range when stacked
UPDATE: 'Remove Worm & Lukki Digging' renamed to 'Feared by Worms'; it now has the Worm Detractor effect as well
UPDATE: Removed Low and High Gravity
UPDATE: Removed Extra Potion Capacity
UPDATE: Removed Worm Detractor
UPDATE: Homunculi no longer take damage from Contact Damage
UPDATE: Homunculi gain extra damage by stacking the perk
UPDATE: Stacking Homunculus increases the maximum count of homunculi you can have
UPDATE: Angry Ghost shoots in sync with the player instead of autonomously
UPDATE: Exploding Gold makes gold explode when enemies go near the nuggets
UPDATE: Certain perks may remove other perks from the perk pool if their effects are very similar
UPDATE: Wand Experimenter heals three times what it used to
UPDATE: Clarified the descriptions of the Concentrated Spells & Pinpointer perks

FEATURE: New item: Pouch - carry powdery materials
FEATURE: New item: Kuulokivi
FEATURE: New item: Shiny Orb
FEATURE: New item: Cruel Orb
FEATURE: New item: Auringonsiemen
FEATURE: New item: Tannerkivi
FEATURE: New item: Paha Silmä
FEATURE: New item: Runestone of Metal
FEATURE: Some new items to make looking for secrets a bit easier
FEATURE: A very rare and powerful artefact, dropped by a powerful monster
FEATURE: A high-risk, high-reward variant of an item for the exceptionally greedy
UPDATE: Potions always break into pieces of glass
UPDATE: A certain artifact found in a snowy area has a pair in a sandy area
UPDATE: Tower reward wands look cooler

FEATURE: 4 new hidden areas
FEATURE: A new hidden structure
FEATURE: A new very useful structure, deep underground!
FEATURE: A new structure in the Vault
FEATURE: New structure in Mines
FEATURE: New structures in Coal Pits and Snowy Depths
UPDATE: The Nightmare Mode map has been updated with some of the newly-added biomes
UPDATE: The Vault is rusted
UPDATE: New props and structures in Snowy Wasteland and Desert
UPDATE: Small new pedestals to decorate certain areas a bit

FEATURE: 3 new biome modifiers!
UPDATE: A fog of war effect that appears in some biomes has a biome modifier message

UPDATE: Progress menu tracks the most dangerous creature
UPDATE: Progress menu shows how many times an enemy has killed the player
UPDATE: Progress menu enemies are sorted better
UPDATE: Kiukkukalma & Spiraalikalma are counted as ghosts, not mages
UPDATE: Pause menu displays NG+ counts and far away lands
UPDATE: The game tracks streaks for normal runs (displayed in game over screen)
UPDATE: Options - added "Open Gif Directory" shortcut to options
UPDATE: Options - right clicking on Language scrolls languages in the other direction

FEATURE: Gamepad - Name of material under gamepad cursor is displayed
FEATURE: Gamepad - Spells can also be dragged with A button
FEATURE: Gamepad - Aiming stick is rebindable
FEATURE: Gamepad - "Analog flying" option
FEATURE: Gamepad - You can set the game to use a specific controller
FEATURE: Gamepad - Gamepad UI keys are rebindable
FEATURE: Gamepad - Controller auto detection automatically switches between keyboard and gamepad controls
FEATURE: Gamepad - Buttons are rebindable
UPDATE: Gamepad - Gamepad auto detection is the new default

FEATURE: Stream event: Friendly Contact Damage
FEATURE: Stream event: Enemy Contact Damage
FEATURE: Stream event: Holiday Mood
FEATURE: Stream event: Always Cast
FEATURE: Stream event: Free-for-all Portals

UPDATE: NG+ cleans up the old world files
UPDATE: Performance of some rare spell combos has been improved
UPDATE: Optimized some scripts

BUGFIX: Fixed Vuoksikivi not offering underwater breathing like it was meant to
BUGFIX: Potions spawned by perks in Nightmare Mode were broken
BUGFIX: Frog meat was improperly named
BUGFIX: Steam version - Steam overlay wasn't enabled if game was started outside steam UI
BUGFIX: Fixed slowdown issues caused by enemies throwing endless physics-enabled projectiles
BUGFIX: Kiuaskivi and Ukkoskivi could be destroyed by explosions a bit too easily
BUGFIX: Fixed a possible, rare crash when starting a new game
BUGFIX: Invisibility didn't turn lukki legs invisible
BUGFIX: Inanimate objects could get various status effects, which often didn't work correctly or were outright buggy
BUGFIX: Text in some potions wasn't localized, other unintended differences between potion types
BUGFIX: Add Trigger, Add Timer & Add Death Trigger should be a bit more consistent
BUGFIX: Scroll container scroll speed adapts to lots of content
BUGFIX: Circe of Vigour shouldn't be able to deal damage instead of healing anymore
BUGFIX: Potion aiming line dots left 1-frame trails
BUGFIX: The "launch a spell upon bouncing" spells weren't always remembering who shot them
BUGFIX: Worms attacked some traps
BUGFIX: Fixed one cause of 'Cause of death: "" '
BUGFIX: Cape lagged behind character when moving quickly
BUGFIX: Wands and other items lagged behind character when moving quickly
BUGFIX: Projectile Area Teleport no longer targets charmed or friendly units
BUGFIX: Spontaneous Generation and Fungal Colony no longer randomly light stuff on fire
BUGFIX: Rage-Fueled Levitation should work properly with Stronger Levitation
BUGFIX: Enemies with immunities weren't displaying the 'blocked' message properly
BUGFIX: Freeze immunity also granted melee immunity
BUGFIX: Multiline perk description rendering was broken
BUGFIX: Some disabled teleporters started playing audio after loading game
BUGFIX: End of Everything spell was prematurely unlocked
BUGFIX: Fixed Teleport Cast teleporting to a slightly wrong spot sometimes
BUGFIX: Resetting the game after a certain win would crash the game
BUGFIX: Game stats handle a certain end condition better
BUGFIX: Sauvojen Tuntija spawn fixed
BUGFIX: There was a chance that the boss arena had a wrong biome in New Game+
BUGFIX: Maximum hp was not displayed if your hp was less than 1
BUGFIX: Key binds for open inventory should work better
BUGFIX: The background colors were very slightly wrong
BUGFIX: Fixed the transition between two biomes having a seam on the background
BUGFIX: Fast Projectiles perk sometimes caused crashes and lag
BUGFIX: Fixed a rare speed multiplier-related slowdown issue
BUGFIX: Fixed a miniboss spawning endlessly
BUGFIX: More Blood -perk didn't always work
BUGFIX: Unstable teleportatium is more unstable
BUGFIX: Perks are more deterministic regardless where you reset the game
BUGFIX: Throw potion and switch to wand quickly bug is fixed
BUGFIX: Fixed Thundercloud's lightning strikes appearing way too high up
BUGFIX: Some rare named wands could end up with duplicate always cast spells when game is saved
BUGFIX: Fixed game trying to open an extremely small resolution window
BUGFIX: Fixed a rare crash, caused by explosion being too tiny
BUGFIX: Fixed a rare instance where casting a specific combination of spells could instantly kill the player
BUGFIX: Chain Spell was lagging heavily with certain spell combinations
BUGFIX: More hatred perk affected relations of player and plague rats
BUGFIX: Replay edit progress display was missing a '%' character
BUGFIX: Cursed Orb's effect didn't work when combined with other effects like Necromancy
BUGFIX: On some graphics cards text rendering would cause nasty vertical glitches
BUGFIX: Several enemies had broken progress menu icons
BUGFIX: Sauvojen Tuntija gave another miniboss' drops by accident
BUGFIX: Rat minions won't attack you when berserk
BUGFIX: Fixed an odd interaction between increased explosive damage and certain projectiles
BUGFIX: Fixed a rare error with the Wand Refresh spell
BUGFIX: Prevented a certain cube from spawning in nightmare mode
BUGFIX: A miniboss couldn't be targeted by homing
BUGFIX: A miniboss didn't spawn its rewards correctly
BUGFIX: Extra Wand Capacity counted Always Casts when deciding what the maximum wand capacity could be
BUGFIX: Armed Creature streaming event would give wands to too many creatures
BUGFIX: Fixed a rare crash with streaming event chat names
BUGFIX: Wand selection UI - wand didn't go to the requested empty wand slot 

MODDING: Lua - added EntityRemoveIngestionStatusEffect()
MODDING: Lua - GameCreateSpriteForXFrames() - added optional 'emissive' parameter
MODDING: Lua - added GameGetCameraBounds()
MODDING: Lua - Added GameGetOrbCountTotal()
MODDING: Lua - Added OnCountSecrets hook (Accessible via init.lua)
MODDING: Lua - added EntityGetFilename()
MODDING: Lua - added EntityGetClosestWormAttractor() and EntityGetClosestWormDetractor() functions
MODDING: Lua - added GetParallelWorldPos()
MODDING: Lua - added GetMaterialInventoryMainMaterial()
MODDING: Lua - added ConvertMaterialEverywhere()
MODDING: Lua - added CellFactory_GetUIName()
MODDING: Lua - added ConvertMaterialOnAreaInstantly()
MODDING: Lua - BiomeMapGetSize() returns the biome map size everytime
MODDING: MagicNumbers has DEBUG_LUA_REPORT_PRINT_FILES for tracking down lua log spam
MODDING: Added pickup_count as a fourth parameter when picking up a perk
MODDING: Profiler displays LuaComponent 'script_source_file' names
MODDING: Breaking - removed custom tags from entities under data/entities/misc/custom_cards/
MODDING: Breaking - projectile GameEffects and HitEffects are only applied to entities with "enemy" or "prey" tag
MODDING: Potion entities were updated to inherit items/pickup/potion.xml for clarity
MODDING: Perk progress logging can be turned off via GameAddFlagRun( "no_progress_flags_perk" )
MODDING: Creature progress logging can be turned off via GameAddFlagRun( "no_progress_flags_animal" )
MODDING: Spell progress logging can be turned off via GameAddFlagRun( "no_progress_flags_action" )
MODDING: ProjectileComponent - ground_penetration_max_durability_to_destroy
MODDING: "Cause of death" uses raw killer entity name if entity has the "ui_use_raw_name" tag
MODDING: ModDevGenerateSpriteUVsForDirectory() - Improved error messages if invalid uv src files are detected
MODDING: ModDevGenerateSpriteUVsForDirectory() - added optional 'override_existing' parameter
MODDING: LifetimeComponent has kill_parent and kill_all_parents flags
MODDING: Game mode menu dynamically scales to fit up to six game modes without scrollbar
MODDING: ControlsComponent has mButtonDownLeftClick
MODDING: ControlsComponent mButtonDownRightClick should work
MODDING: gun_actions.lua lists related_extra_entities for easy listing of modifier entities
MODDING: Larpa spells (and Quantum Shift) add the tag "projectile_cloned" to all entities created using them
MODDING: MagicNumbers - added DEBUG_PERSISTENT_FLAGS_DISABLED - allows for disabling of permanent unlocks
MODDING: DamageModelComponent - added healing_particle_effect_entity
MODDING: Perks  more clearly indicate whether they stack or not
MODDING: Added stackable_is_rare for stackable perks that only seldom reappear
MODDING: Added stackable_how_often_reappears for changing how quickly a perk can reappear when rerolling (default value 4)
MODDING: perk_list.lua  has STACKABLE_YES and STACKABLE_NO to make the stackability more obvious
MODDING: Steam Workshop uploader supports .plz files
MODDING/BUGFIX: LaserEmitterComponent didn't set damage based on damage_to_entities
MODDING/BUGFIX: MagicNumber - DEBUG_PAUSE_SIMULATION is set to false during loading
MODDING/BUGFIX: Custom sounds didn't play after starting a new game, unless played before that
MODDING/BUGFIX: StreamingGetIsConnected() returned an integer instead of boolean
MODDING/BUGFIX: ModDevGenerateSpriteUVsForDirectory() didn't generate maps if path didn't start with "mods/MOD_NAME/..."
MODDING/BUGFIX: GameRefeshSprite() didn't always refresh sprites
MODDING/BUGFIX: GameGetPotionColorUint() returns an unsigned int
MODDING/BUGFIX: GuiImage() rect animation layout calculation used size of whole sprite sheet instead of a single frame
MODDING/BUGFIX: GuiAnimateScaleIn() checked for 5 parameters while it required 4

MODDING: Lua API documentation - improved documentation of ModDevGenerateSpriteUVsForDirectory()
MODDING: Lua API documentation - added a warning about a weird case of GameShootProjectile()
MODDING: Lua API documentation - removed a duplicate comma
MODDING: Lua API documentation - has type information for all functions
MODDING: Lua API documentation - improved some function descriptions
MODDING: Lua API documentation - added generate_lua_documentation.lua which will some day implement API doc generation

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