FEATURE: 3 new biome modifiers!
FEATURE: New structure in a sandy area
FEATURE: New, hidden structures deep underground
FEATURE: New creature: Toveri
FEATURE: New structure in Hiisi Base
UPDATE: Perk spawn balance has been tweaked
UPDATE: Nightmare mode - reduced the amount of blood
UPDATE: Kuihduttajamestari reworked into Kohdennusmestari
UPDATE: More fish in a fishy place
UPDATE: Steam Cloud - added a warning if the save is too big to sync
UPDATE: Several enemies that used to be immune to freezing and electricity changed to only be immune to the stun, not the damage type

FEATURE: New spell: Blood to Power
FEATURE: New spell: Omega Black Hole
FEATURE: New spell: Giga Holy Bomb
BUGFIX: Fixed Essence to Power in rare cases lowering damage instead of increasing it
FEATURE: New perk: Iron Stomach
UPDATE: Changed Kills to mana to give a buff effect instead of staining the player with mana-recharge liquid
UPDATE: Increased Close Call's range and critical hit bonus slightly
UPDATE: Personal Plasma Beam now slows down wands significantly less, and stacking it increases the beam length and damage

BUGFIX: Fixed game stats always displaying infinite symbol for gold
BUGFIX: Optimized particle effects
BUGFIX: Electric Arc now causes electric damage
BUGFIX: Fixed a floating spoon
BUGFIX: Orb room text was lacking a number
BUGFIX: Further tweaks to Essence to Power