Welcome to Noita!
Noita is an early access game.
It contains bugs and may even sometimes crash!
We're working hard to fix things and add new features.

HOTFIXES - Nov 11 2019
BUGFIX: Crash - enemies shooting eggs would sometimes crash the game
BUGFIX: Crash - kicking crashed the game when playing old savegame (or old mods)  

RELEASE NOTES - Nov 5 2019 
FEATURE: Perks can be rerolled with gold
FEATURE: Added 4 new perks 
FEATURE: Added 7 new spells 
FEATURE: Added 2 new secret areas 
FEATURE: Added 2 new enemies 
FEATURE: Secret area is harder to get to 
UPDATE: Repositioned a secret item into a more sensible spot 
UPDATE: Gave a monster the lair it deserves 
UPDATE: Buffed "Slime blood" perk - removes slime slowdown from player
UPDATE: Wands with high reload times are now more interesting 
UPDATE: Wands have a new secret ability
UPDATE: Gave a certain monster a new tool 
BUGFIX: Gamepad cursor sometimes focused on screen corner 
BUGFIX: Emerald tablets did collision damage to berserked player 
BUGFIX: Rock spell did collision damage to berserked player 
BUGFIX: Several spells listed a wrong type 
BUGFIX: Enemies killed with lightning dropped double gold
BUGFIX: Enemies killed with bombs dropped double gold
BUGFIX: Performance/modding - some sprite rendering code paths were slow if any mods were enabled
BUGFIX: Throw button rebinding didn't work
BUGFIX: Certain spells could deal ludicrous damage every frame 
BUGFIX: "Boomerang spells" perk could break modifiers 
BUGFIX: "Explosion on Slimy Enemies" and similar spells always did the effect if target had never been stained
BUGFIX: Teleporting sometimes moved entities inside walls
BUGFIX: UI - "Always casts" row layout was a bit broken
BUGFIX: Inventory/gamepad - dragging a flask where it couldn't be dropped made player drink it
BUGFIX: Sentient wands would bug out when saving and loading
BUGFIX: A reward chest was spawning inconsistently 
BUGFIX: Crash - rare crashes in inventory logic
BUGFIX: Crash - "Personal Gravity Field" crashed the game
BUGFIX: Crash - when there were too many particles
BUGFIX: Crash - very rare crash caused by the player cape
MODDING: Mod list is scrollable 
MODDING: Lua - improved error reporting when C++ code calls lua functions
MODDING: Lua - added ComponentGetMetaCustom( component_id, variable_name )
MODDING: Lua - added PhysicsGetComponentVelocity( entity_id, component_id )
MODDING: Lua - added PhysicsGetComponentAngularVelocity( entity_id, component_id )
MODDING: Lua - added PhysicsVecToGameVec( x, y )
MODDING: Lua - added GameVecToPhysicsVec( x, y )
MODDING: Lua - added EntityGetInRadius( pos_x, pos_y, radius )
MODDING: Lua - added EntityGetInRadiusWithTag( pos_x, pos_y, radius, entity_tag )
MODDING: Lua - added GameDropAllItems( entity_id )
MODDING: Added new tags to various objects - easier object identification via tags
MODDING/BUGFIX: "Random starting loadouts" mod - one of the loadouts had incorrectly configured stain maps

HOTFIXES - Oct 25 2019
BUGFIX: Release notes box was broken on ultrawide resolutions

HOTFIXES - Oct 24 2019
FEATURE: Release notes box is scrollable, so there can be more release notes than fit on the screen!
MODDING: Support for stainable sprites in mod file folder
MODDING: Lua - added ModDevGenerateSpriteUVsForDirectory( directory_path )
MODDING: Restored wang_gen.exe which reported as false positive in some version of Avira antivirus
MODDING/BUGFIX: Random starting loadouts characters don't stain
MODDING/BUGFIX: When activating a mod sometimes wrong mod activates 

RELEASE NOTES - Oct 23 2019
FEATURE: Added experimental mod support (Pause->Mods). To get started with making mods, see Noita/tools_modding folder
FEATURE: Added 12 new spells, 2 new enemies and 3 new perks 
FEATURE: Added a secret wormy thing 
UPDATE: Touch of X -spells are now more consistent and have more maximum uses, circle of X -spells have more uses 
UPDATE: Holy mountain guardian now takes few seconds to spawn
UPDATE: Added a secret ending
UPDATE: Worm crystals are more effective
BUGFIX: 'Perk lottery' added invisible items into inventory
BUGFIX: Boss could be polymorphed
BUGFIX: Added some missing enemy/creature icons to the progress menu 
BUGFIX: Alt tabbing when teleporting killed you
BUGFIX: Teleport projectile could kill you if you teleported too far
BUGFIX: Tiny physics bodies shouldn't do as much damage to the player
BUGFIX: Sometimes angering the Gods spawned two guards
BUGFIX: Crash - when generating potion name 
BUGFIX: Gunpowder explosions now more accurately represent the actual explosion radius 
MODDING: Custom audio bank support (see Noita/tools_modding/noita-fmod-project)
MODDING: Reports mod init errors on game start
MODDING: Lua - added DebugGetIsDevBuild(), GameGetRealWorldTimeSinceStarted()
MODDING: Lua - added OnWorldInitialized(), OnWorldPreUpdate(), OnWorldPostUpdate(), OnPlayerSpawned() hooks (accessible via init.lua)
MODDING: Lua - added PhysicsApplyTorqueToComponent( entity_id, component_id, float torque ), PhysicsApplyTorque( entity_id, float torque )
MODDING: Lua - added EntityRemoveTag( entity_id, tag ), EntityGetClosest( pos_x, pos_y ), EntityGetWithName(entity_id) (note: slow!)
MODDING: Lua - added GamePickUpInventoryItem( owner_entity_id, item_entity_id ), added GameKillInventoryItem( owner_entity_id, item_entity_id )
MODDING: Lua - basic lua sandboxing and mod privilege system (breaking change)
MODDING: Lua - removed GameDirector (breaking change)
MODDING/BUGFIX: Lua - EntityHasTag() - adds the queried tag to entity

HOTFIXES - Oct 21 2019
BUGFIX: Crash - when generating potion name

RELEASE NOTES - Oct 11 2019
FEATURE: Added new eggs! 
FEATURE: Added three new alchemical curiosities and two new mysteries into the game world
FEATURE: Added 11 new spells and a selection of curious rarity spells 
FEATURE: Settings/UI - 'show hovered material/item name next to mouse' 
FEATURE: UI - Stain status amount is displayed next to icon 
FEATURE: UI - Fire status duration displayed in the status area 
FEATURE: UI - Displays potion fullness next to icon 
FEATURE: Added a new rare monster 
FEATURE: The gods have less reasons to be angry
UPDATE: Walking through 1-2px pools of toxic sludge should not activate the status effect if not previously stained 
UPDATE: Player starts with a water flask 
UPDATE: Added small safety rooms to the start of Snowy Depths, Hiisi Base and The Vault 
UPDATE: Giga Death Cross is now properly Giga 
UPDATE: Adjusted Snowy Depths & Hiisi Base enemy distribution slightly 
UPDATE: Adjusted projectile knockbacks 
UPDATE: Clarified some spell descriptions 
UPDATE: Adjusted knockback on the 'Concentrated shot' perk 
UPDATE: Increased egg-friend HP to make them last longer and made egg-borne Limanuljaska enemies not spill toxic sludge
UPDATE: Full health regeneration heart in Holy Mountain now increases maximum hp by 10 
BUGFIX: Duplicate world seed bug
BUGFIX: Added some missing enemy progress icons
BUGFIX: Fixed potential crashes in platform layer 
BUGFIX: Fixed a glitchy secret interaction 
BUGFIX: Fixed Thunder blast's explosion damaging through resistances
BUGFIX: Fixed some enemies in the Vault missing some of their tools such as shields

RELEASE NOTES - Oct 1 2019
NOTES: "Replay recorder" can now be enabled via options menu
UPDATE: replay edit - higher quality downsampling
UPDATE: Gameplay - reduced default screen shake to 70% of original
UPDATE: Several new perks for extra variety!
BUGFIX: replay edit - gifs don't loop correctly

--- RELEASE NOTES - Sep 26 2019 ---
FEATURE: Replay recorder - create gifs of your deaths (or at any time via F11/X). Can be enabled via options.
FEATURE: One new spell!
FEATURE: A small new surprise for curious players
UPDATE: Enabled steam minidump crash reporting
BUGFIX: Audio - enemy TNT throw sound is VERY loud
BUGFIX: Wrong background art in mines
BUGFIX: A source of infinite gold
BUGFIX: Entering Holy Mountain a certain way disallows wand editing

--- RELEASE NOTES - update Sep 25 2019 ---
UPDATE: Credits
UPDATE: Pressing ESCAPE, SPACE or RETURN in release notes, closes the menu
UPDATE: Two surprises to find in far corners of the world
UPDATE: A secret use for emerald tablets...
BUGFIX: Loading being stuck, there is a workaround now if you wait 30 seconds on the loading screen
BUGFIX: Pressing ESC while in the release notes, causes the game to lock into a black screen
BUGFIX: Stats not saving
BUGFIX: Mouse cursor is not visible when starting the game
BUGFIX: Item slot key rebinding doesn't work