Welcome to Noita 1.0!
A totally finnished and bug free game.

HOTFIXES - Oct 22 2020

FEATURE: Steam Cloud on/off option
UPDATE: More coherent plasma beam destruction
UPDATE: Melting/vaporization reactions occur only on material surface, other tweaks - makes a secret ritual easier
UPDATE: Small text edits
BUGFIX: Fixed an issue causing save game bloat. Should make future steam cloud syncs faster.
BUGFIX: Fixed minor issues in some translations
BUGFIX: Plasma beams were blocked by fire
BUGFIX: World seed and build are displayed always when starting a new game
BUGFIX: A rare crash with Pixel Sprites has been fixed
BUGFIX: World generation may have created impassable world in Mines
BUGFIX: Displaying certain ingame text or switching to some languages caused a crash because a translation file was corrupted
BUGFIX/MODDING: WormComponent doesn't crash anymore, if there are different number of sprites and hitboxes
MODDING: Fixed an incorrect parameter name in documentation
MODDING: Lua - EntityAddComponent2 supports _enabled boolean

HOTFIXES - Oct 20 2020

FEATURE: New biome modifier: shielded

UPDATE: Removed one of Holy Mountain's statues as a homing target to make the exit feel more manageable

BUGFIX: Crash - picking up an orb crashed the game, if language was set to Suomi
BUGFIX: Slowdown - sometime save files caused the game to run extremely slow
BUGFIX: Summon portal spell's target could be lost when game is saved
BUGFIX: Moved the health bar of a certain miniboss, so it's not in their face
BUGFIX: Mana usage -decreasing spells should now work as always_casts

HOTFIXES - Oct 19 2020

FEATURE: New biome modifiers: gravity fields, flooded and fungus
FEATURE: New enemy: Sätkymestari
FEATURE: New perk: High gravity

UPDATE: Updated the starting potions
UPDATE: Miniboss music
UPDATE: Made certain spell worthier of its name
UPDATE: Offline Daily Run - if the online isn't working or if you wanted the old daily run back, just turn off online features
UPDATE: Menu Yes/No boxes - hitting ESCAPE counts as No
UPDATE: On opening Noita the mouse cursor is no longer moved inside the window at start
UPDATE: Streaming - Removed Health Minus and Max Health Minus events

BUGFIX: Parts of biome modifiers could be applied to biomes in which they were blocked
BUGFIX: Fixed a way to farm endless extra HP
BUGFIX: Made Trigger/Timer/Death trigger spells work with modifiers
BUGFIX: Fixed a case where high-level spells could spawn in odd spots
BUGFIX: Options - switching monitors should now display the resolution correctly
BUGFIX: Made increased gravity from "Faster levitation" perk not stack to prevent unfortunate effects
BUGFIX: Update available box sometimes appeared in the Steam build

BUGFIX/MODDING: CreateXFrameParticle() - allows now for creation of 1 frame sprite
BUGFIX/MODDING: scatter_position.lua - error spam is reduced

MODDING: Exposed streaming events types

HOTFIXES - Oct 18 2020

BUGFIX: Some Perk combos didn't work
BUGFIX: Certain save games crashed the game

HOTFIXES - Oct 16 2020

UPDATE: Twitch integration - added some animations to the UI
UPDATE: Added a few missing localizations
UPDATE: Improved Emerald Tablet fade animation

BUGFIX: Daily run game mode description didn't have correct text
BUGFIX: Game over menu said "Completed the game" twice

MODDING: Restored common.csv and common_dev.csv stuff
MODDING: Lua - added OnPausedChanged( is_paused, is_inventory_pause ) hook (Accessible via init.lua)

RELEASE NOTES - Oct 15 2020

New Daily Practice Run game mode.
Twitch integration - let stream viewers make your game even more more chaotic.
Biome modifiers - biomes are sometimes a bit different from the usual form.
Some biomes have simulated temperature effects.
Lots of gameplay and UI tweaks and additions.
Visual and audio enhancements.
New spells, perks, enemies, materials, secrets, sounds and more.
Over 15 new music music tracks: Underground Jungle, Vault, Temple of the Art and more.
Performance optimizations and bug fixes.
Options menu overhaul.
RELEASE NOTES - Oct 15 2020
FEATURE: Twitch integration - let stream viewers make your game more chaotic
FEATURE: New progress is displayed at the end of a run
FEATURE: Sim - liquids freeze in cold biomes
FEATURE: Sim - ice and snow melt in hot biomes
FEATURE: Biome modifiers: moist, dark, freezing, hot, conductive, mineable and more..
FEATURE: New contraption in holy mountain
FEATURE: More new stuff in holy mountain
FEATURE: New elements in Nightmare mode
FEATURE: Menus support keyboard input
FEATURE: Rendering - some environments have custom color grading
FEATURE: Rendering - some environments hav underground fog/mist
FEATURE: New perk: Revenge bullets
FEATURE: New perk - Gas fire
FEATURE: New perk - Phasing
FEATURE: New perk: No More Knockback
FEATURE: New perk: Faster levitation
FEATURE: New perk: Peace with Gods
FEATURE: New perk: Kills To Mana
FEATURE: New spell: Cursed Sphere
FEATURE: New spell: Freezing gaze
FEATURE: New spell: Pinpoint of light
FEATURE: New spell: Blood magic
FEATURE: New spell: Octagonal bolt bundle
FEATURE: New spell: Fizzle
FEATURE: New spell: Decelerating shot
FEATURE: New spell: Warp cast
FEATURE: New spell: Laser bounce
FEATURE: New spell: Magic guard
FEATURE: New spell: Big magic guard
FEATURE: New spell: Infestation
FEATURE: New spell: Earthquake shot
FEATURE: New spell: Duplicate
FEATURE: New spell: Linear arc
FEATURE: New spell: Oil rain
FEATURE: New spell: Bubbly Bounce
FEATURE: More than 30 new secret spells
FEATURE: 4 new enemies added
FEATURE: New enemy: ???
FEATURE: New enemy: Munkki
FEATURE: New enemy: Maadoittajamestari
FEATURE: New enemy: Palauttajamestari
FEATURE: New item: Vuoksikivi
FEATURE: A variety of new items to find in the game world
FEATURE: New prop: Water barrel
FEATURE: New prop: Plasma beam box
FEATURE: New music: Underground Jungle
FEATURE: New music: Vault
FEATURE: New music: Temple of Art
FEATURE: New music: Kolmisilmä
FEATURE: New music: Credits
FEATURE: New music: Stevari
FEATURE: New music: Various side biomes
FEATURE: New music: The Work
FEATURE: New music: Snowy Wasteland
FEATURE: New music: The tower
FEATURE: Audio: new material sounds for chains
FEATURE: Audio: new material sounds for wires
FEATURE: Audio: new material sounds for magical materials
FEATURE: Audio: new projectile sounds
FEATURE: Audio: new creature sounds
FEATURE: Audio: new boss sounds
FEATURE: Audio: new explosion sounds
FEATURE: Audio: new ambiences for Underground Jungle, Vault and Temple of Art
FEATURE: Audio: various new sounds
FEATURE: New traps in crypt
FEATURE: New material: Levitation
FEATURE: New material: Hastium
FEATURE: New secret materials and material interactions
FEATURE: Option for reducing cosmetic particle amount, other new options
FEATURE: New achievements
FEATURE: New secrets..

UPDATE: New background in Temple of the Art, Pyramid and Mines
UPDATE: Telekinetic kick animations
UPDATE: Levitation Trail sparks have increased velocity but slow down when penetrating materials
UPDATE: Added variety to projectile explosion VFX
UPDATE: Increased the strength of physical impulses of many projectiles
UPDATE: Mines has new wands, spells and tiles
UPDATE: Starting equipment is randomized
UPDATE: Enhanced Holy Mountain visuals
UPDATE: Adjusted spawn probabilities of several spells
UPDATE: Pentagram / Hexagram mana tweaked
UPDATE: Light modifier's radius increased
UPDATE: New attack for Plasmakukka
UPDATE: Improved UI graphics filtering (pixel-perfect UI rendering)
UPDATE: Health bar displays damage amount
UPDATE: Spell icons are colored according to spell type
UPDATE: Tweaked selected item look in inventory
UPDATE: Wand info boxes display all slots
UPDATE: Mana bar is displayed only if a wand is selected
UPDATE: Overhauled and extended a side biome
UPDATE: Overhauled options menu
UPDATE: Improved adaptive vsync logic
UPDATE: Gamma setting can no longer be used to see in the dark
UPDATE: Overhauled knockback effects
UPDATE: Picking up the nearest item is now prefered
UPDATE: Polished teleport fx
UPDATE: Mountain background fixes
UPDATE: Never Skip Leg Day perk is buffed
UPDATE: Never Skip Leg Day perk affects Telekinetic Kick
UPDATE: Living On The Edge perk effects start when hp is under 25%
UPDATE: Toxic sludge immunity perk now protects you from frozen toxic sludge
UPDATE: Some ragdolls fall down more easily
UPDATE: Jetpack particles indicate remaining jetpack energy
UPDATE: Melee on frozen player doesn't lead to instakill
UPDATE: Glass Cannon is shinier
UPDATE: Liquids can now push characters
UPDATE: UI - bars now shake to indicate when you're out of them
UPDATE: UI - mana drain now has its own icon
UPDATE: UI - displays cast delay as a bar if trying to use wand and there's an ongoing delay
UPDATE: Buffed a secret spell to be worth its salt
UPDATE: AI doesn't attempt to use wands with certain spells
UPDATE: AI throws away wands that have no usable spells
UPDATE: Polished AI wand carrying animations
UPDATE: Various text changes
UPDATE: Spells in the progress menu have a background indicating the spell type
UPDATE: Torch will melt frozen materials around it
UPDATE: Made some wall materials harder
UPDATE: UI - New rising damage numbers
UPDATE: Emerald tablet text appears in a more mysterious way
UPDATE: Optimization - optimized various systems
UPDATE: Optimization - optimized rainforest performance
UPDATE: Optimization - optimized area saving and loading
UPDATE: An arcane action is acknowledged
UPDATE: Game over UI tweaks
UPDATE: Updated some spell icons
UPDATE: Audio - mix tweaks
UPDATE: Audio - rain ambience stereo panning
UPDATE: Audio - added flying sound to Stevari's projectiles
UPDATE: Polished the visuals of various props and background sprites
UPDATE: Enemies have new particle-based laser sights
UPDATE: Menus - scrolling boxes are smoother
UPDATE: Menus - locked game mode description text is washed out
UPDATE: Menus - menu UI animations
UPDATE: Menus - main menu polish
UPDATE: Tweaked emerald tablet text animations
UPDATE: Tweaked some teleport particle effects
UPDATE: Temple and boss music reacts better to various situations
BUGFIX: Revenge Tentacle and Revenge Explosion used to trigger on heal
BUGFIX: Some rainforest enemies didn't drop gold on death
BUGFIX: UI wasn't scaled correctly on some resolutions
BUGFIX: UI bars could sometimes go negative
BUGFIX: The game allowed selecting resolutions where the UI became so small it was illegible
BUGFIX: Display resolution change restore counter went below zero
BUGFIX: Perk list went offscreen when lots of perks had been picked
BUGFIX: Health bar went partially over other UI elements when max hp was high
BUGFIX: When hovering "Mods" in main menu a tooltip about mod incompatibilities was always displayed
BUGFIX: Changes to "Low resolution rendering" option weren't applied correctly until other options were changed
BUGFIX: Dragged spells weren't always rendered at correct depth
BUGFIX: Spell Refresh effects on wand weren't applied until inventory was interacted with
BUGFIX: Character kept momentum after entering a portal, while the target area was loading
BUGFIX: Quiet liquid flow sound could be heard throughout the intro
BUGFIX: Gamepad always overrode mouse input focus when it was enabled
BUGFIX: Crash - shooting wand with fireworks and downwards bolt bundle
BUGFIX: Game should be hitting 60 fps more consistently now
BUGFIX: Hitting Escape at the start made things bug out
BUGFIX: Gold couldn't be picked up near enemies that were alive
BUGFIX: Boss arena bridge didn't always collapse
BUGFIX: Cloud spell spawn positions ignored obstacles
BUGFIX: Teleportitis triggered even though damage was blocked
BUGFIX: HP overflow is handled better
BUGFIX: Money overflow is handled better
BUGFIX: Setting enemies or yourself on fire multiple times didn't work correctly
BUGFIX: Inanimate objects displayed damage numbers
BUGFIX: Fixed some issues in scripts
BUGFIX: Inventory gamepad controls didn't work with some item configurations
BUGFIX: Fixed a crash when loading very old save game
BUGFIX: Homing on Eel didn't work
BUGFIX: Splash sound could be heard when approaching [REDACTED]
BUGFIX: Throwable items had a lifetime of 28 minutes
BUGFIX: Clouds had ridiculous maximum speed
BUGFIX: Progress menu item info boxes weren't sometimes fully visible
BUGFIX: "Press E to pick treasure chest" -> "Press E to open treasure chest"
BUGFIX: Audio - a fungal enemy didn't play sound on all deaths
BUGFIX: Scroll container left side worked as a snap target
BUGFIX: Mouse cursor flickered when starting the game
BUGFIX: Hopefully fixed Hiisi Base turrets being able to shoot backwards
BUGFIX: It was not possible to anger the gods in the holy mountain area of The Laboratory
BUGFIX: Improved note spell code

MODDING: EntityAddComponent2() supports tags via _tags="tag1,tag2"
MODDING: Lua - added StatsGlobalGetValue()
MODDING: Lua - added BiomeMapConvertPixelFromUintToInt()
MODDING: Lua - added BiomeObjectSetValue()
MODDING: Lua - added BiomeVegetationSetValue()
MODDING: Lua - added BiomeMaterialSetValue()
MODDING: Lua - added BiomeMaterialGetValue()
MODDING: Lua - added EntitySetDamageFromMaterial()
MODDING: Lua - added EntityAddRandomStains()
MODDING: Lua - added OnBiomeConfigLoaded hook (Accessible via init.lua. Gives access to biome configs pre world gen.)
MODDING: Lua - added StreamingGetVotingCycleDurationFrames()
MODDING: Lua - added a new Shift+F5 debug menu that can be configured via lua (available in noita_dev.exe)
MODDING: Lua - added GameIsModeFullyDeterministic()
MODDING: Lua - added GameIsInventoryOpen()
MODDING: Lua - added StreamingGetIsConnected()
MODDING: Lua - StreamingGetSettingsGhostsNamedAfterViewers()
MODDING: Lua - added ComponentAddTag()
MODDING: Lua - added ComponentRemoveTag()
MODDING: Lua - added ComponentHasTag()
MODDING: Lua - added StreamingGetRandomViewerName()
MODDING: Lua - added SetWorldSeed()

HOTFIXES - Jul 7 2020

MODDING/BUGFIX: ModTextFileGet/SetContent differentiated between uppercase and lowercase paths.

HOTFIXES - Jun 30 2020

BUGFIX: Game froze on older CPUs
BUGFIX: Lukki mutation attacked lamps and other similar objects
BUGFIX: Telekinetic kick caused erratic behaviour in submerged bodies

RELEASE NOTES - Jun 24 2020

FEATURE: Reset. We're pioneering a new frontier in the art of computing. New game works without having to restart the whole program. 
FEATURE: New perk: Levitation Trail
FEATURE: New perk: No Wand Editing
FEATURE: New perk: Trick Blood Money
FEATURE: New perk: Wand Experimenter
FEATURE: New perk: Gold is Forever
FEATURE: New perk: Living on the Edge
FEATURE: New perk: Telekinetic kick
FEATURE: New physical wires and hazardous objects
FEATURE: New rope bridges
FEATURE: New enemy: Jättilaser-lennokki
FEATURE: New enemy: Märkiäinen
FEATURE: New spell: Bomb Cart
FEATURE: Proper worm ragdolls
FEATURE: Proper lukki ragdolls
FEATURE: New secrets..
UPDATE: Backgrounds blend together in a less edgy way
UPDATE: Kolmisilmä has a custom shield. Increased base HP. Ceiling collapse works more reliably.
UPDATE: Improved some common wood textures
UPDATE: New Orbroom graphics
UPDATE: Tubelights hang on wires and they can give electric shocks when broken
UPDATE: New background structures in Coal Pits
UPDATE: New background in Fungal Caverns
UPDATE: New background in Underground Jungle
UPDATE: Improved lukki leg animation
UPDATE: Improved audio reverbs
UPDATE: Improved liquid audio
UPDATE: Improved audio mixing
UPDATE: Kuu's gravity now attracts all physics bodies
UPDATE: Black holes have gravity
UPDATE: Improved physics and destruction of Hiisi Base furniture
UPDATE: New materials with ingestion effects
UPDATE: New rare material: Healium
UPDATE: Memory use optimization - reduced baseline memory use by 10-15%
UPDATE: File access optimization - less redundant copies
UPDATE: Particle system optimization - parallel update and rendering

BUGFIX: Ragdoll joints weren't retained over a save-load cycle
BUGFIX: Lanterns and other props drifted spatially over a save-load cycle (fixed in some biomes)
BUGFIX: Mine cart sometimes had invisible forces holding it together when split in multiple parts
BUGFIX: Fixed some physical props losing their transform, destruction and other properties on a save-load cycle
BUGFIX: Intense Concentrated Light caused some spell combinations to stay perpetually alive
BUGFIX: Autoaim targeted the shooter if stained with Berserkium
BUGFIX: Fixed gamepad drinking and item drop binding conflict (now for reals)
BUGFIX: No More Shuffle perk should work a bit better
BUGFIX: Necromanced enemies drop wands when dying
BUGFIX: Chest drops are now deterministic
MODDING: Lua - added ModTextFileGetContent(), ModTextFileSetContent() and ModTextFileWhoSetContent() - for modifying text-based assets in memory
MODDING: Lua - added ModGetActiveModIDs()
MODDING: Lua - added GameSetPostFxParameter(), GameUnsetPostFxParameter()
MODDING: Lua - added EntityAddComponent2()
MODDING: Lua - added PhysicsBody2InitFromComponents()
MODDING: Lua - added PhysicsApplyForceOnArea()
MODDING: Lua - added DoesWorldExistAt()
MODDING: Lua - added ProceduralRandomi()
MODDING: Lua - added BiomeSetValue(), BiomeGetValue()
MODDING: Lua - added EntityApplyTransform()
MODDING: Lua - ComponentGet/SetValue2 API supports access to some internals of VerletPhysicsComponent. (For example masses, positions)
MODDING: Lua - utilities.lua - added component_read/write() helpers
MODDING: Lua - right click state can be read via ControlsComponent
MODDING: Added PhysicsBody2Component, PhysicsJoint2Component and Physics2JointMutatorComponent, an improved API for creating physics-based objects
MODDING: Added OnMagicNumbersAndWorldSeedInitialized hook (Accessible via init.lua. Use this when init needs world seed!)

RELEASE NOTES - May 20 2020

BUGFIX: Fixed Intense Concentrated Light
BUGFIX: Fixed gamepad drinking and item drop binding conflict

MODDING: Progress menu displays creatures from mods
MODDING: Exposed some parameters of IKLimbAttackerComponent

HOTFIXES - April 30 2020
UPDATE: Made some drinking effects more fair, or less dangerous
UPDATE: Switching item from Ukkoskivi when submerged is safer
UPDATE: Kiuaskivi no longer works as X
UPDATE: Kiuaskivi provides protection from X
UPDATE: Swapper is less common
UPDATE: Gamepad spray/throw scheme can be changed via Options

BUGFIX: Stomach was very small if continuing old save, making eating and drinking very dangerous

MODDING: Lua - added EntityIngestMaterial()


RELEASE NOTES - Apr 28 2020

FEATURE: Eating/drinking rework - lots of new ingestion effects
FEATURE: Kolmisilmä rework (WIP)
FEATURE: New spell: Tiny Ghost
FEATURE: New spell: Prickly Spore Pod
FEATURE: New spell: Auto-Aim 
FEATURE: New spell: Projectile Energy Shield
FEATURE: New spell: Automatic Rotation
FEATURE: New spell: Swapper
FEATURE: New spell: Propane Tank 
FEATURE: New spell: Intense Concentrated Light
FEATURE: New perk: Unlimited Spells
FEATURE: New perk: Always Cast
FEATURE: New perk: No More Shuffle 
FEATURE: New secret perk
FEATURE: New item: Broken Wand
FEATURE: New item: Kiuaskivi
FEATURE: New item: Kuu
FEATURE: New enemy: Vaihdosmestari
FEATURE: New elusive enemy
FEATURE: Added growing vines to Underground Jungle
UPDATE: Overhauled Hiisi Base layout and visuals
UPDATE: Overhauled Underground Jungle visuals
UPDATE: Gold nugget normal maps are more detailed and bit more normal
UPDATE: First 50 gold dropped by enemies is spawned as smaller nuggets
UPDATE: Gold nuggets are more glittery
UPDATE: Lava lake and dark flooded caves layouts adjusted
UPDATE: Added more shops to biomes
UPDATE: Casting and throwing via mouse is blocked while inventory is open (can be changed via options)
UPDATE: Switched default Throw and Spray buttons around
UPDATE: Eggs have been updated
UPDATE: Thunderstone is more useful
UPDATE: Active item is retained when saving a game
UPDATE: More variation in loading screen music
UPDATE: Smoother transition out of loading screen music
UPDATE: Homing and other spells now affect bombs and other physics projectiles
UPDATE: Homing does not work on invisible targets
UPDATE: Some Mestaris bleed more magically
UPDATE: Propane tanks are now more deterministic
UPDATE: Can't get the Victory achievement if mods have been active during a run
UPDATE: Flask icon in item info box displays the contents
UPDATE: Vampirism health regeneration speed is less tedious
UPDATE: Acceleratium lasts a lot longer
UPDATE: No one likes rats, not even the healers
UPDATE: Disabled drinking while swimming
UPDATE: Charmed creatures maintain their charm when polymorphed
UPDATE: Piercing Shot can now hit the caster
UPDATE: Renamed an item
BUGFIX: Ragdolls are now less likely to get stuck on ground
BUGFIX: Creature sprites turned blurry from time to time 
BUGFIX: Flashing of the background mountains while teleporting should happen less now
BUGFIX: Creatures that hatched from eggs used to drop gold
BUGFIX: Full sprite sheets rarely flashed for a frame
BUGFIX: Procedural generation would sometimes create a dead end start for the Temple of the Art and Coal Pits
BUGFIX: Perk spawning code sometimes spawned duplicate perks too soon
BUGFIX: Liquid splash sometimes played while standing still
BUGFIX: Torjuntalaite didn't sink in liquids
BUGFIX: Certain spidey perk made reaching a red portal harder
MODDING: Lua - added ComponentGetValue2()
MODDING: Lua - added ComponentSetValue2()
MODDING: Lua - added ComponentObjectGetValue2()
MODDING: Lua - added ComponentObjectSetValue2()
MODDING: Lua - added EntityGetComponentIncludingDisabled()
MODDING: Lua - added EntityGetFirstComponentIncludingDisabled()
MODDING: Lua - added EntityLoadToEntity()
MODDING: Lua - added StringToHerdId()
MODDING: Lua - added HerdIdToString()
MODDING: Lua - added GetHerdRelation()
MODDING: Lua - added EntityGetHerdRelation()
MODDING: Lua - added EntityGetFirstHitboxCenter()
MODDING: Lua - added EntityInflictDamage()
MODDING: Lua - added ComponentGetIsEnabled()
MODDING: Lua - fixed some incorrect and missing function names in documentation
MODDING: Lua - added support for debugging lua scripts using the Decoda debugger (see tools_modding/lua_debugging.txt)
MODDING: Lua - added support for statically checking lua scripts using luacheck (see tools_modding/lua_debugging.txt)
MODDING: Lua - added call_init_function to LuaComponent (see potion.xml for example)
MODDING: Lua - added script_enabled_changed to LuaComponent
MODDING: Lua - potion scripts are now moddable via ModLuaFileAppend
MODDING: Lua - status effects are moddable via scripts/status_effects/status_list.lua
MODDING: Ingestion effects are moddable via data/materials.xml
MODDING: Breaking - got rid of the LuaComponent execute_every_n_frame>10000 hack. Use -1 for infinite wait
MODDING/BUGFIX: Lua - ComponentObjectGetMembers() didn't correctly return member values

HOTFIXES - Mar 20 2020

BUGFIX: Scrolling UIs broke if playing fullscreen on a monitor with aspect ratio wider than 16:9
BUGFIX: Some haunting files were saved if mods were enabled
BUGFIX: Fixed some issues with loading haunting files saved when mods were enabled
BUGFIX: Autosave was broken in nightmare game mode
BUGFIX: Crash - projectile timer trigger crashed when used with bombs, which some mods allowed
BUGFIX: Tentacle shot from trigger projectile didn't start from correct coordinates
BUGFIX: Tentacles shot near 0,0 always shot towards 0,0
BUGFIX: Enemy laser sights were sometimes left visible longer than they should
BUGFIX: Enemy tentacles, turrets, jetpack particles etc weren't affect by invisibility status
BUGFIX: Invisible enemies didn't become visible when doing dash/melee attacks
BUGFIX: Backbuffer size wasn't updated if changing resolution before entering game
BUGFIX: Autosave restore didn't work correctly when workshop mods were enabled
BUGFIX: Enemy radar did not detect bosses or Lukkis
BUGFIX: Alchemist kept on throwing the same potion if it stood still
BUGFIX: Improved stability of ceiling chain torches

MODDING: Breaking - moved collapse masks under "data/procedural_gfx"
MODDING: Lua - added RaytraceSurfaces()
MODDING: Lua - added RaytraceSurfacesAndLiquiform()
MODDING: Lua - added RaytracePlatforms()

HOTFIXES - Mar 3 2020

BUGFIX: Big worm's health bars were ragdolled
BUGFIX: Some main character's attributes were different between daily run and other modes
BUGFIX: Background layer had pieces that would not load correctly
BUGFIX: Wand Radar perk now ignores the wands that the player holds

MODDING: Game warns if a workshop mod might require a never version of the game
MODDING: Lua - added ModGetAPIVersion()
MODDING: XML entity serialization - Base now has include_children attribute
MODDING/BUGFIX: Custom FMOD banks didn't work when mod was used via Steam Workshop

RELEASE NOTES - Feb 24 2020

FEATURE: Steam Workshop support
FEATURE: Added a Secret reward

UPDATE: Overhauled The Vault layout and visuals
UPDATE: Surface backgrounds blend better to the world
UPDATE: Progress menu is scrollable

BUGFIX: Fixed misbehaving background sprites
BUGFIX: Enemies that hatched from eggs sometimes lost their charm
BUGFIX: Quitting the game while being polymorphed caused an instadeath
BUGFIX: Save game and autosave didn't work correctly in New Game+
BUGFIX: Fixed a texture memory leak
BUGFIX: Holy Mountain teleportation was more dangerous on slow computers
BUGFIX: The player could be charmed forever (even if the stains were washed off)

MODDING: Added support for translation mods (see mods/translation_fi/ for an example)
MODDING: Lua - added OnPlayerDied hook (accessible via init.lua)
MODDING: Lua - added LoadBackgroundSprite()
MODDING: Lua - added GameDropPlayerInventoryItems()
MODDING: Lua - added GameDestroyInventoryItems()
MODDING: Lua - added GameTriggerGameOver()
MODDING: Lua - added ModIsEnabled()
MODDING: Added magic_number DEBUG_LUA_REPORT_BIOME_SPAWN_ERRORS which can be used to limit error spam

RELEASE NOTES - Jan 24 2020

FEATURE: 7 new spells

UPDATE: Overhauled Magical Temple layout and visuals
UPDATE: Overhauled Temple of the Art layout and visuals
UPDATE: Added new puzzle rooms to Temple of the Art and Snowy Depths
UPDATE: Enhanced trap box visuals and functionality
UPDATE: Added Enemy and wand radar perks
UPDATE: Alcohol emits flammable and intoxicating fumes
UPDATE: Mod menu improvements
UPDATE: Steam - Opening Steam overlay pauses the game
UPDATE: Saving the game after long sessions is now faster
BUGFIX: Teleport spell created shell casings
BUGFIX: Charmed enemies from eggs will now stay charmed
MODDING: Organized files in "data/biome_impl/" into subfolders (breaking change)
MODDING: Lua - added EntityGetRootEntity()
MODDING: Lua - added GameCreateSpriteForXFrames()
MODDING: Added modding agreement

HOTFIXES - Jan 8 2020

BUGFIX: Intro had random weather
BUGFIX: Light modifier would sometimes cause mysterious meat to appear
BUGFIX: Invisibility status created dummy entities that were detected as the actual player because of the tags they had
BUGFIX: Some state from previous save was carried over to new game in some occasions
BUGFIX: Toimari's and Kiukkumöykky's minion spawning algorithm changed to scale better with HP

HOTFIXES - Dec 20 2019
BUGFIX: Stats - Gold nuggets don't count towards picked up items stat anymore

RELEASE NOTES - Dec 19 2019 

FEATURE: 15 new spells!
FEATURE: New, very elusive creature roams a certain area...
FEATURE: New creature. Very bomb.
FEATURE: 5 new weather phenomena
FEATURE: 5 new magical materials
FEATURE: New Game+
UPDATE: No restart when entering nightmare game via main menu
UPDATE: Downwards bolt bundle has unlimited uses
UPDATE: Changed item attraction perk to gold attraction to make it more useful
UPDATE: A hidden creature has an extra tool
UPDATE: Tweaked a boss' sounds
UPDATE: Foggy nights are darker
UPDATE: Cosmetic tweaks to fire immunity perk
UPDATE: Optimization - tentacles are more CPU-friendly
UPDATE: Various gameplay tweaks
UPDATE: Gold nuggets come in various different sizes
UPDATE: Summon hollow egg has unlimited uses

BUGFIX: Nightmare mode - some of the entrances were blocked
BUGFIX: Nightmare mode - empty chunks were appearing in places
BUGFIX: Thunderstone could be placed into spell inventory
BUGFIX: Fungal caverns had no potion spawns
BUGFIX: Healers etc were friendly with player
BUGFIX: Revenge explosion and tentacle did nothing
BUGFIX: Fixed TNT explosions
BUGFIX: Several randomized effects were broken
BUGFIX: Loading screen audio didn't fade smoothly
BUGFIX: Autosave should work better now
BUGFIX: Crash - Boss crashes, general stability fixes
BUGFIX: Crash - relating to the Light modifier
MODDING: Mods can define new game modes (see mods/nightmare for an example)
MODDING: Lua/BUGFIX - dofile handling when file doesn't exist was a bit broken and didn't log errors
MODDING: Lua/BUGFIX - fixed a lua sandbox escape exploit
MODDING: Lua - added ProceduralRandomf()
MODDING: Lua - added Randomf()
MODDING: Lua - added GetComponentTypeName()
MODDING: Lua - added GameGetDateAndTimeLocal()
MODDING: Lua - added GameGetDateAndTimeUTC()
MODDING: Lua - added GameEmitRainParticles()
MODDING: Lua - added GetRandomAction()
MODDING: Lua - added script_kick to LuaComponent
MODDING: Tags - now there are 256 tag slots available for Entities

RELEASE NOTES - Nov 29 2019 
FEATURE: Nightmare game mode
FEATURE: Main menu
FEATURE: New game menu 
FEATURE: Added 6 new spells
FEATURE: Added 5 new enemies
UPDATE: Large aesthetical updates to a secret area
UPDATE: Summon Deer Decoy is now properly named as Summon Deercoy
UPDATE: Nerfed Sokaisunmestari's blinding spell
UPDATE: Polymorph flying has been updated 
UPDATE: Optimization - replay recorder - up to 6x faster gif saving
UPDATE: Optimization - got rid of some script performance bottlenecks
UPDATE: Added a new starting loadout
UPDATE: Autosave is now on - it's a bit buggy, but it should be better than losing your progress
UPDATE: Lukki mutation perk now has a different control scheme
UPDATE: Scrollable GUI elements can be scrolled using mouse wheel
BUGFIX: Crash - sometimes when enemies shot eggs
BUGFIX: Crash - kicking crashed the game when playing old savegame (or old mods)
BUGFIX: Crash - fixed memory leak with material trails
BUGFIX: Crash - replay editor crashed if used at the very first frame of the game
BUGFIX: Crash - game crashed at start on some older CPUs
BUGFIX: Certain enemies could be damaged via unintended means
BUGFIX: There were duplicate items in progress menu
BUGFIX: Glitch wand has been fixed
BUGFIX: Perks - if you had both Extra Life and Saving Grace neither of them respawned you
BUGFIX: [redacted] affects vision like it used to do
BUGFIX: Sokaisunmestari's blinding spell had ridiculous knockback
BUGFIX: Final boss' health was reset to 100% if game was restarted during the battle
BUGFIX: Final boss stopped working if player polymorphed
BUGFIX: Final boss could take damage when inactive
BUGFIX: Infinite rats when combining Plaque rats and polymorph
BUGFIX: Aiming was wrong while polymoprhed
BUGFIX: Rock spell's damage wasn't based on the rock's velocity
BUGFIX: Physics damage was sometimes dealt multiple frames after it seemed to occur
BUGFIX: Melee immunity didn't protect from tentacle attacks
BUGFIX: Player's horizontal flight speed was randomized
BUGFIX: Jäähdytyslaite should no longer self-destruct in certain circumstances
BUGFIX: Healers etc didn't behave exactly as intended
MODDING: Added a new tag 'projectile_player' for all default player projectiles
MODDING: Lua - added dofile_once(filename). Use this if possible. Like dofile(), but runs the script only once per lua context.
MODDING: Lua - dofile() and loadfile() return values follow lua conventions (breaking change)
MODDING: Lua - dofile() caches the compiled code, so successive calls using the same file are (a lot) faster

HOTFIXES - Nov 20 2019
UPDATE: "Summon deer decoy" has been renamed to "Summon deercoy". Very important.

HOTFIXES - Nov 11 2019
BUGFIX: Crash - enemies shooting eggs would sometimes crash the game
BUGFIX: Crash - kicking crashed the game when playing old savegame (or old mods)  

RELEASE NOTES - Nov 5 2019 
FEATURE: Perks can be rerolled with gold
FEATURE: Added 4 new perks 
FEATURE: Added 7 new spells 
FEATURE: Added 2 new secret areas 
FEATURE: Added 2 new enemies 
FEATURE: Secret area is harder to get to 
UPDATE: Repositioned a secret item into a more sensible spot 
UPDATE: Gave a monster the lair it deserves 
UPDATE: Buffed "Slime blood" perk - removes slime slowdown from player
UPDATE: Wands with high reload times are now more interesting 
UPDATE: Wands have a new secret ability
UPDATE: Gave a certain monster a new tool 
BUGFIX: Gamepad cursor sometimes focused on screen corner 
BUGFIX: Emerald tablets did collision damage to berserked player 
BUGFIX: Rock spell did collision damage to berserked player 
BUGFIX: Several spells listed a wrong type 
BUGFIX: Enemies killed with lightning dropped double gold
BUGFIX: Enemies killed with bombs dropped double gold
BUGFIX: Performance/modding - some sprite rendering code paths were slow if any mods were enabled
BUGFIX: Throw button rebinding didn't work
BUGFIX: Certain spells could deal ludicrous damage every frame 
BUGFIX: "Boomerang spells" perk could break modifiers 
BUGFIX: "Explosion on Slimy Enemies" and similar spells always did the effect if target had never been stained
BUGFIX: Teleporting sometimes moved entities inside walls
BUGFIX: UI - "Always casts" row layout was a bit broken
BUGFIX: Inventory/gamepad - dragging a flask where it couldn't be dropped made player drink it
BUGFIX: Sentient wands would bug out when saving and loading
BUGFIX: A reward chest was spawning inconsistently 
BUGFIX: Crash - rare crashes in inventory logic
BUGFIX: Crash - "Personal Gravity Field" crashed the game
BUGFIX: Crash - when there were too many particles
BUGFIX: Crash - very rare crash caused by the player cape
MODDING: Mod list is scrollable 
MODDING: Lua - improved error reporting when C++ code calls lua functions
MODDING: Lua - added ComponentGetMetaCustom( component_id, variable_name )
MODDING: Lua - added PhysicsGetComponentVelocity( entity_id, component_id )
MODDING: Lua - added PhysicsGetComponentAngularVelocity( entity_id, component_id )
MODDING: Lua - added PhysicsVecToGameVec( x, y )
MODDING: Lua - added GameVecToPhysicsVec( x, y )
MODDING: Lua - added EntityGetInRadius( pos_x, pos_y, radius )
MODDING: Lua - added EntityGetInRadiusWithTag( pos_x, pos_y, radius, entity_tag )
MODDING: Lua - added GameDropAllItems( entity_id )
MODDING: Added new tags to various objects - easier object identification via tags
MODDING/BUGFIX: "Random starting loadouts" mod - one of the loadouts had incorrectly configured stain maps

HOTFIXES - Oct 25 2019
BUGFIX: Release notes box was broken on ultrawide resolutions

HOTFIXES - Oct 24 2019
FEATURE: Release notes box is scrollable, so there can be more release notes than fit on the screen!
MODDING: Support for stainable sprites in mod file folder
MODDING: Lua - added ModDevGenerateSpriteUVsForDirectory( directory_path )
MODDING: Restored wang_gen.exe which reported as false positive in some version of Avira antivirus
MODDING/BUGFIX: Random starting loadouts characters don't stain
MODDING/BUGFIX: When activating a mod sometimes wrong mod activates 

RELEASE NOTES - Oct 23 2019
FEATURE: Added experimental mod support (Pause->Mods). To get started with making mods, see Noita/tools_modding folder
FEATURE: Added 12 new spells, 2 new enemies and 3 new perks 
FEATURE: Added a secret wormy thing 
UPDATE: Touch of X -spells are now more consistent and have more maximum uses, circle of X -spells have more uses 
UPDATE: Holy mountain guardian now takes few seconds to spawn
UPDATE: Added a secret ending
UPDATE: Worm crystals are more effective
BUGFIX: 'Perk lottery' added invisible items into inventory
BUGFIX: Boss could be polymorphed
BUGFIX: Added some missing enemy/creature icons to the progress menu 
BUGFIX: Alt tabbing when teleporting killed you
BUGFIX: Teleport projectile could kill you if you teleported too far
BUGFIX: Tiny physics bodies shouldn't do as much damage to the player
BUGFIX: Sometimes angering the Gods spawned two guards
BUGFIX: Crash - when generating potion name 
BUGFIX: Gunpowder explosions now more accurately represent the actual explosion radius 
MODDING: Custom audio bank support (see Noita/tools_modding/noita-fmod-project)
MODDING: Reports mod init errors on game start
MODDING: Lua - added DebugGetIsDevBuild(), GameGetRealWorldTimeSinceStarted()
MODDING: Lua - added OnWorldInitialized(), OnWorldPreUpdate(), OnWorldPostUpdate(), OnPlayerSpawned() hooks (accessible via init.lua)
MODDING: Lua - added PhysicsApplyTorqueToComponent( entity_id, component_id, float torque ), PhysicsApplyTorque( entity_id, float torque )
MODDING: Lua - added EntityRemoveTag( entity_id, tag ), EntityGetClosest( pos_x, pos_y ), EntityGetWithName(entity_id) (note: slow!)
MODDING: Lua - added GamePickUpInventoryItem( owner_entity_id, item_entity_id ), added GameKillInventoryItem( owner_entity_id, item_entity_id )
MODDING: Lua - basic lua sandboxing and mod privilege system (breaking change)
MODDING: Lua - removed GameDirector (breaking change)
MODDING/BUGFIX: Lua - EntityHasTag() - adds the queried tag to entity

HOTFIXES - Oct 21 2019
BUGFIX: Crash - when generating potion name

RELEASE NOTES - Oct 11 2019
FEATURE: Added new eggs! 
FEATURE: Added three new alchemical curiosities and two new mysteries into the game world
FEATURE: Added 11 new spells and a selection of curious rarity spells 
FEATURE: Settings/UI - 'show hovered material/item name next to mouse' 
FEATURE: UI - Stain status amount is displayed next to icon 
FEATURE: UI - Fire status duration displayed in the status area 
FEATURE: UI - Displays potion fullness next to icon 
FEATURE: Added a new rare monster 
FEATURE: The gods have less reasons to be angry
UPDATE: Walking through 1-2px pools of toxic sludge should not activate the status effect if not previously stained 
UPDATE: Player starts with a water flask 
UPDATE: Added small safety rooms to the start of Snowy Depths, Hiisi Base and The Vault 
UPDATE: Giga Death Cross is now properly Giga 
UPDATE: Adjusted Snowy Depths & Hiisi Base enemy distribution slightly 
UPDATE: Adjusted projectile knockbacks 
UPDATE: Clarified some spell descriptions 
UPDATE: Adjusted knockback on the 'Concentrated shot' perk 
UPDATE: Increased egg-friend HP to make them last longer and made egg-borne Limanuljaska enemies not spill toxic sludge
UPDATE: Full health regeneration heart in Holy Mountain now increases maximum hp by 10 
BUGFIX: Duplicate world seed bug
BUGFIX: Added some missing enemy progress icons
BUGFIX: Fixed potential crashes in platform layer 
BUGFIX: Fixed a glitchy secret interaction 
BUGFIX: Fixed Thunder blast's explosion damaging through resistances
BUGFIX: Fixed some enemies in the Vault missing some of their tools such as shields

RELEASE NOTES - Oct 1 2019
NOTES: "Replay recorder" can now be enabled via options menu
UPDATE: replay edit - higher quality downsampling
UPDATE: Gameplay - reduced default screen shake to 70% of original
UPDATE: Several new perks for extra variety!
BUGFIX: replay edit - gifs don't loop correctly

--- RELEASE NOTES - Sep 26 2019 ---
FEATURE: Replay recorder - create gifs of your deaths (or at any time via F11/X). Can be enabled via options.
FEATURE: One new spell!
FEATURE: A small new surprise for curious players
UPDATE: Enabled steam minidump crash reporting
BUGFIX: Audio - enemy TNT throw sound is VERY loud
BUGFIX: Wrong background art in mines
BUGFIX: A source of infinite gold
BUGFIX: Entering Holy Mountain a certain way disallows wand editing

--- RELEASE NOTES - update Sep 25 2019 ---
UPDATE: Credits
UPDATE: Pressing ESCAPE, SPACE or RETURN in release notes, closes the menu
UPDATE: Two surprises to find in far corners of the world
UPDATE: A secret use for emerald tablets...
BUGFIX: Loading being stuck, there is a workaround now if you wait 30 seconds on the loading screen
BUGFIX: Pressing ESC while in the release notes, causes the game to lock into a black screen
BUGFIX: Stats not saving
BUGFIX: Mouse cursor is not visible when starting the game
BUGFIX: Item slot key rebinding doesn't work